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RhythmiCity App Update

Now you can practice on the go, anywhere! The Rhythmicity app is now available on the iPhone & iPad. Download at: AppStore.com/rhythmicity


The Sight-Reading Rhythm Trainer


The Benefits of Music Education

A child learning about music has to tap into multiple skill sets, often simultaneously. http://ow.ly/ulVYl


New Evidence Links Music Education, Higher Test Scores

Why isn’t this surprising?

 A new study from Canada suggests music lessons may in fact have wide-ranging intellectual benefits. It finds that, among a group of high-performing high school students, grades were consistently higher for those who continued music classes compared to those who dropped them after two years of compulsory training.


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New research further confirms that music training benefits kids’ brains

Children with at least two years of private lessons showed enhanced cognitive control, which aids in information retention and behavior regulation. ‘Musical training may actually help to set up children for a better academic future,’ said senior investigator Nadine Gaab.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/new-research-confirms-music-training-benefits-kids-brains-article-1.1836426#ixzz35RIRq0b3



Does Teaching Kids To Get ‘Gritty’ Help Them Get Ahead?

The amazing power of mistakes, failure, and “grit”: one of the big reasons I am passionate about 

It’s become the new buzz phrase in education: “Got grit?”

Around the nation, schools are beginning to see grit as key to students’ success — and just as important to teach as reading and math.

Experts define grit as persistence, determination and resilience; it’s that je ne sais quoi that drives one kid to practice trumpet or study Spanish for hours — or years — on end, while another quits after the first setback.

“This quality of being able to sustain your passions, and also work really hard at them, over really disappointingly long periods of time, that’s grit,” says Angela Duckworth, a psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania who coined the term “grit” — and won a MacArthur “genius grant” for it.

View on npr.org

RhythmiCity Screenshot – Version 2.0.0


RhythmiCity App Screenshot – Version 2.0.0

Download RhythmiCity now by clicking on the link below.

Just Released – RhythmiCity Version 2.0.0

RhythmiCity for the iPad – Learn, Practice & Sight Read Musical Rhythm.

Version 2.0.0 available on the App Store. http://www.appstore.com/rhythmicity

What’s New in this Version:

1.  ALL 10 levels are now available in RhythmiCity!

2.  7 new lessons added for Level One that isolate beginning rhythm patterns.

3.  Flashcard Instructional popup added for first session.

4.  Automatic measure review added to browse grades after session ends. Finger swipes can also be used.

5.  Added the capability to slow down or speed up the Tutorial tempo.

6.  Reversed the score bar so the perfect measure score is on the right
and the incorrect measure score is on the left.

7.  Larger metronome tempo buttons (+\-) added to change tempo in the practice and tutorial sessions.

8.  A new button added to raise & lower the hidden Metronome control panel.

9.  Voice alerts are now turned off by default, but can be activated on the Settings page.

10.  One measure pickup is the default now, but can be changed to a 2 measure pickup on the Settings page.

11.  General bug fixes.

12.  Twitter link added on Settings page. (Follow us on Twitter)

13.  Rhythmicity Facebook link added on Settings page. (Like us on Facebook)

14.  Rating’s link added on Settings page.  (Please give us a good rating and review so we can continue to improve & update RhythmiCity)

Expand your Rhythm Vocabulary

RhythmiCity for the iPad – Learn, Practice & Sight Read Musical Rhythm. Available on the App Store. http://www.appstore.com/rhythmicity

Get the RhythmiCity App Now!

RhythmiCity – Practice, Sight Read & Learn Music Rhythm Patterns
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